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The Packer 2014 Editorial Caldendar:

January 7, 2013 (Dec.26)

Apple Marketing (Dec.20)
Southwest KYM (Dec.20)
January 14, 2013 (Jan.2)

Mushroom Marketing (Dec.27)
Organic Produce (Dec.27)

Bonus Distributtion:
Sweet Potato Council
January 21, 2013 (Jan.11)

Chilean Grapes (Jan.7)
Food Safety/Tracability (Jan.7)
Texas KYM (Jan.7)
January 28, 2013 (Jan.18)

Citrus Marketing (Jan.14)
Imported Watermelons (Jan.14)
Fruit Logistica Show Cover (Jan.14)
Sustainability/Going Green (Jan.14)

Bonus Distributtion:
Fruit Logistica
February 4, 2013 (Jan.25)

California Asparagus (Jan.21)
Imported Melons (Jan.21)

Bonus Distributtion:
National Grocers Association
February 11, 2013 (Feb.1)

Ontario Greenhouse Produce (Jan.28)
Pineapple Marketing (Jan.28)

Bonus Distributtion:
World Ag
February 18, 2013 (Feb.8)

Southern California Strawberries (Feb.4)
West Mexico Spring Produce (Feb.4)
Pre-Southeast Produce Council (Feb.4)

Bonus Distributtion:
National Watermelon Assoc
February 25, 2013 (Feb.15)

Florida KYM (Feb.11)
Toronto KYM (Feb.11)

Bonus Distributtion:
March 4, 2013 (Feb.22)

California Spring Vegetables (Feb.18)
Southeast Blueberries (Feb.18)
Texas Onion (Feb.18)

Bonus Distributtion:
America Trades Produce
March 11, 2013 (Mar.1)

California Avocado Slick Metro (Feb.12)
Florida Spring Produce (Feb.25)
Potatoes Marketing (Feb.25)
Pre-New England Produce Council (Feb.25)

March 15, 2013
Deadlines: Feb 6 , 2013
March 18, 2013 (Mar.8)

Banana Marketing (Mar.4 )
Fresh Cut/Value-Added/Prepared Meals (Mar.4)
Greenhouse Vegetables (Mar.4)
Sweet Potato Marketing (Mar.4)
March 25, 2013 (Mar.15)

Pre-CPMA (Mar.11)
Brussel Sprouts Marketing (Mar.11)
Transportation (Mar.11)
New York KYM (Mar.11)
April 1, 2013 (Mar.22)

Signet Ad Research Study (Mar.22)
Food Safety/Traceability (Mar.18)
Seeds of Change (Mar.18)
Vidalia Onions (Mar.18)

Bonus Distributtion:
New England Produce Council
April 8, 2013 (Mar.29)

California Strawberries Tabloid (Mar.12)
Mango Marketing (Mar.25)
Texas Pride Magazine - Spring (Feb.17)

Bonus Distributtion:
FPFC Northern CA Expo
April 15, 2013 (Apr.5)

Asparagus Marketing (Apr.1)
Santa Maria Vegetables (Apr.1)
Texas Spring Produce (Apr.1)

Bonus Distributtion:
April 22, 2013 (Apr.11)

Mexican Grapes Tabloid ( Mar.26)
California Cherries (Apr.8)
Melon Marketing (Apr.8)
Pre-United Convention (Apr.8)
Post CPMA (Apr.11)
April 29, 2013 (Apr.19)

Profiles In Prod: Women in Produce Tabloid (Apr.2)
Chilean Clementines (Apr.15)
Kern County Veg (Apr.15)
Salinas Valley Vegetable (Apr.15)
Tropical Fruit Marketing (Apr.15)
May 6, 2013 (Apr.26)

California Summer Fruit Tabloid (Apr.9)
Desert Produce (Apr.22)
Organic Produce (Apr.22)
Processing Packaging Technology (Apr.22)
Produce For Kids Magazine (Mar.22)
May 13, 2013 ( May,3)

Berries Marketing (Apr.29)
Georgia Produce (Apr.29)
South African Citrus (Apr.29)

Bonus Distributtion:
United, FPFC Souhern CA Expo
May 20, 2013 (May,10)

Carolina Produce (May,6)
Onion Marketing (May,6)
Pepper Marketing (May,6)
Boston KYM (May,6)
Post United (May,10)
May 27, 2013 (May,17)

Northwest Cherries Tabloid (Apr. 30)
Calif/Baja Tomato (May,13)
Twin Cities KYM (May,13)
June 3, 2013 (May,24)

New Jersey Produce Magazine (Apr.19)
New Jersey Produce (May,20)
New Mexico Onions (May,20)
Florida Avocado (May,20)
June 10, 2013 (May,30)

Mid-Atlantic Produce (May,24)
Ohio Vegetables (May,24)
Summer Citrus (May,24)
Westside California Melon (May,24)

June 17, 2013
Deadline: March 21, 2013
June 17, 2013 ( Jun.7)

Michigan Produce (May,31)
Ontario Field Produce (May,31)
Peruvian Citrus (May,31)
Walla Walla Onion (May,31)
June 24, 2013 (Jun.14)

Atlanta KYM (Jun.10)
New Zealand Fruit (Jun.10)
Specialties Marketing (Jun.10)
July 1, 2013 (Jun.21)

Fig Marketing (Jun.17)
Food Safety/Traceability (Jun.17)
Living Produce (Jun.17)
Quebec Produce (Jun.17)
July 8, 2013 ( Jun.28)

California Grape Tabloid (Jun.11)
Kentucky/Tennessee Produce (Jun.24)
Peruvian Avocado (Jun.24)
July 15, 2013 (Jul.3)

Northwest KYM (Jun.28)
Sustainability/Going Green (Jun.28)
Washington & Oregon Potatoes (Jun.28)
July 22, 2013 ( Jul.12)

Foodservice Tabloid (Jun.25)
California Pear (Jul.8)
New York State Produce (Jul.8)
Peruvian Asparagus (Jul.8)
Wisconsin Potato (Jul.8)
July 29, 2013 ( Jul.19)

California Lettuce & Leaf (Jul.12)
Summer Berries (Jul.12)
Los Angeles KYM (Jul.12)

Bonus Distributtion:
PMA Foodservice
August 5, 2013 (Jul.26)

Profiles in Prod:Milestones Tabloid (Jul. 8)
Colorado Produce (Jul. 22)
Garlic & Herb Marketing (Jul. 22)
Locally Grown Marketing (Jul. 22)
Post PMA FS (Jul 26)
August 12, 2013 (Aug.2)

Packaging Tabloid (Jul. 16)
Marketing to Kids (Jul. 29)
St. Louis KYM (Jul. 29)
August 19, 2013 (Aug.9)

Mushrooms Marketing Tabloid (Jul.23)
Baltimore/Washington D.C. KYM (Aug.5)
Fall Avocado Marketing (Aug.5)
QPMA (Aug.5)

Bonus Distributtion:
Midwest Produce Conference & Expo
August 26, 2013 (Aug.16)

Idaho/E. Oregon Onions (Aug.12)
San Diego/Baja Tomatoes (Aug.12)
Post MPCE (Aug.16)
September 2, 2013 (Aug.23)

California Fall Fruits Tabloid (Aug.6)
Eastern Apples (Aug.19)
Southern Sweet Potatoes (Aug.19)
September 9, 2013 (Aug.30)

Northwest Pears Tabloids (Aug.13)
Fall Tropicals (Aug.26)
Georgia Fall Produce (Aug.26)
Michigan Apples (Aug.26)
Skagit Valley Produce (Aug.26)
September 16, 2013 (Sept.6)

Argentina Blueberries (Aug.30)
Chilean Avocadoes (Aug.30)
Heartland KYM (Aug.30)
San Luis Potato (Aug.30)
September 23, 2013 (Sept.9)

Washington Apples Tabloid (Aug.26)
Mexican Greenhouse Produce (Sept.6)
Peruvian Onions (Sept.6)
Pomegranates Marketing (Sept.6)
Susan G. Komen Section (Sept.6)
September 30, 2013 (Sept.17)

Texas Pride Magazine - Fall (Aug.3)
Pre-PMA Convention (Sept.16)
October 7, 2013 (Sept.27)

Quebec Produce Magazine (Aug.23)
Kiwifruit Marketing (Sept.23)
Northern California KYM (Sept.23)
Nuts, Dates & Dried Fruit (Sept.23)
Philadelphia KYM (Sept.23)
October 14, 2013 (Oct.4)

Profiles in Produce:Legends Tabloid (Sept.17)
Banana Marketing (Sept.30)
Food Safety/Tracability (Sept.30)
North Carolina Sweet Potato (Sept.30)
Red River Valley Potatoes (Sept. 30)
October 21, 2013 (Oct.11)

Profiles: Packer 25 Tabloid (Sept.24)

Bonus Distributtion:
October 28, 2013 (Oct.18)

Idaho Potatoes Tabloid (Sept.27)
California/Arizona Citrus (Oct.7)
Chilean Blueberries (Oct.7)
Post PMA (Oct.18)
November 4, 2013 (Oct.25)

Idaho Potato Magazine (Sept.24)
Ohio KYM (Oct.21)
Packaged Salad Marketing Profile (Oct.21)
PEI Potatoes (Oct.21)
Mexican Avocado (Oct.21)

Bonus Distributtion:
Western Growers
November 11, 2013 (Nov.1)

Florida Fall Produce (Oct.28)
Michigan KYM (Oct.28)
Organic Produce (Oct.28)
November 18, 2013 (Nov.8)

Pre-New York Produce (Nov.4)
California Winter Desert Veg (Nov.4)
Chilean Produce (Nov.4)
Texas Citrus (Nov.4)
November 25, 2013 (Nov.15)

Profiles in Produce:Rising Stars Tabloid (Oct.29)
Florida Citrus (Nov.11)
Potatoes & Onions Marketing (Nov.11)
Tex-Mex Winter Produce (Nov.11)
December 2, 2013 ( Nov.21)

West Mexico Winter Prod Tabloid (Nov.5)
Montreal KYM (Nov.15)
Offshore Melons (Nov.15)
Packaging Update (Nov.15)
December 9, 2013 (Nov.27)

PBH Special Suppliment (Oct.21)
Florida Tomatoes (Nov.21)
Potatoes Marketing (Nov.21)
December 16, 2013 (Dec.6)

Chicago KYM (Dec.2)
December 23, 2013 (Dec.13)

Profiles in Produce: Retailer of the Year Tabloid (Nov.29)
Central American/Caribbean (Nov.9)
Connecticut KYM (Nov.9)
Foodservice Update (Nov.9)
Western Greenhouse Vegetables (Nov. 9)
December 30, 2013 (Dec.20)

Florida Strawberries ( Dec.16)
Year in Produce ( Dec.16)
Calendar is Subject to Change
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